Broken Hearts

This is an image that I took for my ‘Out of Place’ topic in Photography GCSE and is my final GCSE piece. For this photo, I took a phrase literally and that phrase being ‘Broken heart’. When somebody breaks up with someone, they describe the feeling as having a broken heart, but they don’t actually have a broken heart, nor do they picture this. This is why I went with this idea as this in itself is out of place within the real world and I think the creepiness and uncomfortable feeling of this photo also make you feel uncomfortable just like you have experienced a broken heart. The sudden change in the hearts forms as it goes down also makes you continue to keep looking at the photo and the bright colour at the top getting darker and darker down the photo draws your eye to the top of the photo so you look down through all the stages. Overall I am very pleased with this grusome, interesting photo.FINAL image.jpg


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